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Author Mike Powers

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The Well of Gilgamesh: A Wampyr Novel  is Mike’s debut novel. He’s longed for the story of a vampire that could fit into a world without superstition, without mythology, and without magic. A world ruled by science, logic, and reason, where everything has a rational—albeit fantastic—explanation. He wanted vampires who mirror the elegance and mystique that Bela Lugosi engendered in Dracula during the Golden Era of Hollywood, without the self-loathing, goth-inspired aloofness that has become the trope of his modern day counterparts. That’s what he's brought to The Well of Gilgamesh: A Wampyr Novel. He's currently working on book two in his Wampyr Novel trilogy.

A paraphrased, but a widely accepted piece of advice from Ernest Hemingway was, “Write what you know.” This means something different for every writer, but for Mike it was all about setting the scene. The vibrant arts and music culture of Minnesota’s Twin Cities has served as a backdrop for his writing, and while it is doubtful that any real vampires currently prowl the Minneapolis or Saint Paul nightlife, he paints each scene with such verbal clarity that it’s easy for the reader to feel as though they’re actually there.
Mike currently resides in Seattle with his wife and twin boys. He feels right at home in this northwest metropolis, owing largely in part to the arts, music and craft beer culture that is strikingly similar to that of his beloved Twin Cities (minus the frigid winter). On any given evening he can be found relaxing with his wife, enjoying a book and a glass of wine, while his boys plot new and devious ways to test his claim to immortality.

The Well of Gilgamesh: A Wampyr Novel is now available from Amazon.com in ebook and paperback. Get your copy today!