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Meet Horror Author Mike Powers

Mike Powers is a digital illustrator and designer with a passion for the macabre. What started as the search for the perfect vampire story evolved into his own fresh new take on this legendary nocturnal bloodsucker. The Well of Gilgamesh: A Wampyr Novel is set to be his first in a series of three novels through which he will reinvent the classic monsters of Hollywood using a careful mix of historical revisionism, evolutionary science, and subtle nods to the stories that gave the original monsters their first brushes with celluloid fame.

-Excerpt from The Well of Gilgamesh: A Wampyr Novel

Copyright 2016 Mike Powers. All rights reserved.

"Humans abhor the infallible. They yearn for gods--imperfect gods created in their own image--and I intend to deliver."

Author Mike Powers

"Riveting, compelling and spine-tingling, from the first chapter to the last, it leaves the reader eager to read on.” -John Lauritsen, WCCO TV Minneapolis